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Sterling Silver Rolo Chain Necklace, lobster clasp

2mm 2.5mm 4mm

16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 36 inch


♥This listing is for ONE Sterling Silver Rolo Chain necklace complete WITH CLASP♥

The chains are of the highest quality Solid Italian .925 Sterling Silver. (NOT just plated)

Please select the width and length in inches you would like from the drop down menu. Don't see a length or width you need? Just send me a message, I have longer and shorter and different widths available, and I can custom make lengths.


The approximate weights for the rolo chains are:

16" (2mm) 2.5g
18" (2mm) 2.8g
20" (2mm) 3.1g
22" (2mm) 3.4g
24" (2mm) 3.7g
30" (2mm) 4.7g
36" (2mm) 5.7g

16" (2.5mm) 6.2g
18" (2.5mm) 6.9g
20" (2.5mm) 7.6g
22" (2.5mm) 8.4g
24" (2.5mm) 9.0g
30" (2.5mm) 11.3g
36" (2.5mm) 13.5g

16" (4mm) 14.4g
18" (4mm) 16.2g
20" (4mm) 18.0g 
22" (4mm) 19.8g
24" (4mm) 20.6g

The chains are stamped 'Italy' and/or '925'. They are genuine sterling silver chains (not just 'silver plated') which I use on all my designs in my store.


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Sterling Silver Rolo Chain Necklace with lobster clasp

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