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Solid sterling silver cuff / bracelet announcing a special place with latitude and longitude, GPS coordinates, a quote or even a secret message. Perhaps the place were you first met, are getting married, or to remind a loved one of home.

This beautiful, but sturdy and substantial simple cuff can be customized with italic roman numerals, dates and names too.

Maximum characters per side is 58. Bracelet can be stamped inside, outside or both.

I have given the inside of the bracelet a soft matt finish, whilst the outside face has a lovely high shiny silver finish. The cuff can be adjusted with a hard squeeze or gently pull to make smaller or larger. The gap is just over half an inch, but adjusts as described.

Length of Silver to make cuff: 6.75 inches (Can make 7 inches - just ask)
Width of Silver: 6mm
Thickness of Silver: 1.5mm

Please leave the coordinates (or other customization) to be stamped in the personalization area.

I make a smaller, lighter weight cuff :

Large Mens Custom Coordinate Cuff Sterling Silver Latitude Longitude GPS Bangle

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